Does the Firmatop really work?

For 90% of our customers, YES!

Does the Firmatop work on memory foam mattresses?

Although some improvement may be achieved on memory foam, the Firmatop works best on pillow-top mattresses.

Does the Firmatop help with body impressions?

The Firmatop may help in some cases, however there is a more effective product for this problem.  Google “Mattress Helper”, available from multiple vendors online.

What is your return policy?

You have 30 days FROM THE DAY YOU RECEIVE your Firmatop, to try it out.  90% of our customers obtain a firmer more comfortable mattress.  If the results do not meet your needs and you want to send it back, simply send us an email by Day #30, stating your intent to return.  Upon receipt of your returned Firmatop, your account will be credited the full purchase price of $199 (shipping is not refundable).